Immune Cell Therapy and Hyperthermia for Cancer

Tokyo Clinic in Southern Tohoku Hospital Group can provide immune cell therapy combined with hyperthermia and/or low-dose chemotherapy for cancer.

Cancer treatment can be achieved by multi-disciplinary approaches. Among the latest modalities of cancer treatment, immunotherapy emerged as a promising approach. Cell-based immunotherapy has been used for cancer treatment for the past three decades. There are several reports from various countries on successful application of cell-based immunotherapy to various solid tumors and hematological malignancies. Our team started working on immune cells nearly 20 years ago when we were studying the transcriptome of HIV carriers to analyze their immune system and needed to expand human natural killer (NK) cells in vitro. This led us to invent a novel in vitro cell expansion system for obtaining a large number of highly activated human NK cells and T cells that can now be used for cancer immunotherapy. The aim of our team effort is to support clinical application as well as basic research of immune cells such as NK cells, γδT cells, αβT cells, cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL) and dendritic cells (DC) to autologous immune enhancement therapy (AIET) to fight against cancer. We have been administering NK cells, γδT cells, CTL and DC as AIET for more than 7000 injections per year since 2004.

NK cells for AIET are prepared from lymphocytes in the peripheral blood of each patient, selectively expanded in vitro without feeder layers using an NK cell expansion kit that our team developed (BINKIT®, Biotherapy Institute of Japan, JAPAN), and then infused back to the patient. Our NK cell expansion methods for AIET increase not only the number of cells but also the cytotoxic activity of NK cells by 3 to 20-fold. The cytotoxic activity of NK cells in the peripheral blood of cancer patients in general is substantially lower compared to that of individuals without cancer as suggested in our previous reports. AIET using a large number of highly activated NK cells prepared by our methods helps augmenting their immune system to suppress tumor growth and metastasis. We also perform combination AIET by preparing autologous γδT cells, CTL, and cancer antigen-pulsed DC from each patient and co-administering them with expanded NK cells. Combining monoclonal antibody drugs with expanded NK cells is yet another powerful AIET strategy to treat cancer.

AIET is effective even in treating advanced cancers that are refractory to conventional therapeutic modalities. We also recommend to use AIET immediately after conventional treatments, such as surgical operation, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, to prevent cancer recurrence.

Cancer has to be tackled by multi-disciplinary approaches. Combining cell-based AIET using NK cells and CTL with hyperthermia and low-dose chemotherapy is an effective strategy to treat cancer. If you are interested in our AIET that can be combined with hyperthermia and/or low-dose chemotherapy, please contact Dr. Terunuma at Tokyo Clinic in Southern Tohoku Hospital Group.

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