How to visit



Please check our regular consultation hours through our website.


To make your visit more efficient, please bring your own interpreter or request one from us in adovance.
We have staff who can help with English and Chinese.

Inquiry: International Medical Center

Phone: + 81-24-934-5322

Reception desk

Visit us during our regular patient hours and fill out our registration form.
You need a Japanese Health Insurance card at that time.
If you do not have Japanese health insurance, bring your passport or something equivalent.
When you finish with reception, you will receive a file with a visitor number.

Department reception desk

Bring your file and submit it to the department reception desk.
You will need to answer some questions there.
When it is your turn, you will see your number on the monitor.
When you leave your seat, let the receptionist know.


When you called by name or number, please go to the examination room.


Payment will be made at the cashier’s desk.
Public health insurance users will pay 10~30% of the sum.
Others will pay 100~200% at that time.
Foreign language documents can be ordered at your cost.

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