Specialty Outpatient


Specialty Outpatient Clinics

Specialty Outpatient Consultation Hours
Southern TOHOKU General Hospital
Palliative Care Clinic Thu. PM
Southern TOHOKU Medical Clinic Vertigo Clinic Smoking Cessation Clinic Migraines, Shoulder Pain Clinic Dr. Kazuo Watanabe
 Mon. AM
 Wed. AM
Smoking Cessation Clinic Dr. Kenji Tobayashi
 Mon. AM
Dr. Keiichi Kan
 Tue., Thu. AM
Dr. Megumi Kanno
 Mon-Wed. Fri. & Sat. AM
Dr. Tetsuo Sato
 Sat. AM
Epilepsy・Parkinson’s Disease・Tremor clinic No outpatients in Nov.
Spinal Surgery Dr. Yasunobu Ito
 Mon. AM
 *Registration by 11:00
Dr. Yoshitaka Hirano
 Thu. AM
Dr. Shinichi Numazawa
 Sat. AM
 *Every 2 weeks
Epilepsy Clinic Dr. Kazutaka Jin
 Nov. 1st & 3rd. Thu. PM
Dementia and Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) Clinic Dr. Soichi Katayama
 Mon.-Wed. AM
Facial & Blepharo Spasm Clinic Dr. Jin Kubo
 Tue. AM
Vascular Clinic Dr. Hirono Satokawa
 Sat. AM
Pediatrics・Short Stature, Obesity clinic Dr. Mitsunori Murata
 Sat. Nov. 15th Only
Pediatrics・Pediatric Cardiology

Dr. Makoto Nakazawa
 Thu. except Nov. 6th
 Sat. AM, PM
 except Nov. 29th

Pediatric Endocrinology・Metabolism clinic Dr. Yoshikatsu Eto
 Fri. Nov. 7th & 28th
Genetic Diagnosis and Treatment
Genetic Consultation
Immunotherapy・Hyperthermia Dr.Hiroshi Terunuma
 Tue. PM
 Wed. AM and PM
 *PM Registration by 15:00
Continence Care  Wed. AM
Southern TOHOKU Ophthalmology Strabismus & Amblyopic Clinic・Orbital Plastic Surgery  
Neuro-ophthalmology・Pigmentary Degeneration of the Retina Clinic  
Southern TOHOKU Proton Therapy Center Proton Therapy For appointment
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